Our Mission & Values

We are here for your pets! We love all fur babies and treat them as if they were our own. It is important to us to provide quality service that is soothing and therapeutic for your pet. We believe in doing our best and continually improving and growing.

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Through years of experience and continued education we are always looking to provide your pets with a quality groom that will accentuate their natural coat. What we do, we do well. We stand by our work.


We are a small local shop and our work is our product. We are experts in our field and will help you understand your pets’ specific coat, style, and grooming needs. Our integrity will keep your pet healthy, comfortable, and safe.


We love animals and know that grooming can be stressful. We do everything we can to try and minimize any extra stress. All animals are different. We strive to find what will make your pet and you as comfortable as possible. A little compassion goes a long way.


We love animals, we just do. What a blessing it is to get to spend the day pampering and caring for them. We treat them like they were our own because we truly want what is best for them.

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Meet the Team

picture of Coco Yamamoto, owner of PetSpa

Coco Yamamoto


I have been in the grooming business for over 15 years. My love of animals lead me to start volunteering at a dog rescue. I learned how to train dogs there, then worked as a dog trainer. I started my grooming career there too, using my knowledge of dog behavior and psychology for grooming behaviorally challenged dogs at the rescue. Because of my background as a dog groomer for rescues, I am good at handling all types of dogs. I pay attention to their body language during grooming. Since I’ve become a full time dog groomer, I have kept up with continuing my education. I am also a certified dog massage therapist. Massage helps dogs relax, and builds trust between us. I am happy to continue learning about dogs to make your pups not only cute and clean, but happy and comfortable.

picture of Theo Montrose, owner of PetSpa

Theo Montrose


Growing up in Boise animals were just a part of life. Everyone has a pet here, it’s what makes Boise so great. I am a certified cat groomer, and love doing blow outs and de-sheds on double coated dogs. The kind that do not usually get the pampering of their more glamorous cousins. I love animals and I am patient and kind to pets. My goal is to make your pets experience as stress free as possible. Never rushing them, I give your pet the attention they deserve. There are so many different coat, skin types, and breeds that it is very fulfilling to find the right combination of products to really bring out your pets natural beauty. Leaving them not just smelling good, but with a healthy skin and coat, using only the best products. I plan to learn more each day and continue my education as often as possible.